Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring

CCC Data Management Services offers a quality and cost effective business process outsourcing service to any organisation or business in Australia, New Zealand and globally.

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Accounting Services

We have developed a full range of accounting services that can support a growing accounting practice, or allow your business to outsource its finance function - From administration to bookkeeping to compliance, we can tailor our services to support your individual needs.

Data management

We've been doing data entry for a long time for big corporations and governments. With world class security and a suite of modern data capture techniques, our services are designed to ensure you have the right information to power your business, whatever the size.

Recruitment Services

Whether you are a recruitment business looking to expand, or a business looking for support in your recruiting and HR functions so you can focus on your core business, CCC offers a range of options to help make people your priority.

Shared Services

Our core shared service offerings are call centres and IT services. But that is only part of the picture - from marketing to clerical work, we are able to support a wide range of business functions.

Why Offshore

Perhaps you'd like to grow your business, or save money or you've heard that outsourcing can allow you to focus on your core offering.

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Why The Philippines

With a fast growing outsourcing industry, an educated, friendly, English speaking population, The Philippines should be your first choice for offshoring.

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Why Choose CCC

With over 40 years experience offshoring business processes to The Philippines, CCC has the knowledge to be your trusted offshore partner.

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